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need some idea's on how to approach this

Ok here is my real situation, I have 3 girls to my ex-wife, they live in rural Vic, I live in darwin, my eldest(down there), has on a number of occasions, spoken about coming back to darwin for holidays or to live.

i have tried to talk to my ex about the kids coming up for school holidays a few time and have been told that it won't be happening due to me being a bad father, i have no police record, do not get involved with drugs, i have never been brought up on violent charges, i have a high paying job which if all she says about where true i would lose i a heart beat.

i am doing up paper work to change court orders to state that my girls can travel at my own cost to spend time with me. but feel i need to address to issue of my draught saying she wasn't happy living there and wanted to come back and live with me. she is ten, and part of a DHS case which involves, her, her sisters, mum and mums partner.

What is the best course of action i can take with this.

Note: I know my EX gets involved  on sites like this one fighting for fathers rights, which why i concocted to story about boys in SA
What care do your current orders allow for?

What are the ages of your children?

Orders state joint custody, kids can travel but she refuses to let them, due to her opinion of me.

Kids are 10,9 and 6
If she is refusing to let you have care of your children  as per the court order have you considered filing a contravention or recovery order?
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