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Court Listings

I have built a downloading and analysis systems for court listings using python.
Its quite interesting. Takes a bit of effort to tidy up the data and remove duplicates.

In general of course you can't publish details about individuals involved in cases  - there a some exceptions.
But as a STUDENT of the court process its interesting to see how the listings around the country operate, see how much work the courts and officers go through, how often there are hearings,etc.

SO far I have got 2 months worth of listings.
18,000 odd client case hearings.

Hearings by location seem to be like this:
Location CountOfCourt
Melbourne 3256
Brisbane 2807
Sydney 2477
Parramatta 2098
Adelaide 1693
Newcastle 993
Dandenong 898
Townsville 537
Cairns 430
Wollongong 358
Hobart And Launceston 336
Canberra 280
Hobart 193
Coffs Harbour 173
Rockhampton 163
Lismore 161
Mackay 145
Darwin 143
Geelong 143
Ballarat 140
Dubbo 138
Warrnambool 106
Shepparton 103
Devonport 95
Bendigo 69
Mount Gambier 52
Launceston 43
Bundaberg 40
Maroochydore 30
Toowoomba 29
Mildura 25
Southport 20
Bathurst 11
Alice Springs 10
Broken Hill 9
Tamworth 5
Albury 2

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
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