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Maybe self representing

Hi all, my hubby may have to self represent if we get knocked back for legal aid, which is likely because we are just over the limit. Its regarding relocation. We have reason to believe the mother is packing and preparing, despite hubbys letter not given consent. We have been waiting weeks for legal aid but really need to get an injunction (if that is what it is) as soon as possible next week. What steps do we take and how do we go about it? No idea where to go first
My husband also wants to join SRL member. Will it be double accounts if we both join here?
I joined SRL- resources and self represented to the trial.
It is a closed forum so you can ask more precise questions.

SRL is hard work and you need to be well prepared, read up as much as you can
and what you dont understand - ask.
You can get two free appointments at community legal centres.
I used this service to check my work.
SRL saves heaps of money and it can be rewarding as well as frustrating, stressful and time consuming.
I borrowed family law books from the library as well as reading many judgements on Austlii.
All in all, Im glad I did it as we have not spent $30K on lawyer and barrister fees.
The best way to go is get agreement and avoid the legal path as the only winners are the people who pocket the money at the end.
Often this is not possible, unfortunately.
Thanks Rosey.
Looks like self representing it will be, was knocked back for legal aid today. :( Poor hubby.  How do I go about joining SRL resources? We really need to get it all sorted by the end of next week.
Go to the top of this page and click 'community'
then  look to the column on the left and click SRL resources and follow the links
The email links to SRL will work and they will send you a joining form. They have a fairly tight joining process but the material they have available is well worth the effort.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
 Was my post helpful? If so, please let others know about the FamilyLawWebGuide whenever you see the opportunity
Buy yourself a copy of the Australian Master Family Law Guide from CCH.

Its a must have for an SRL.

4mydaughter said
Buy yourself a copy of the Australian Master Family Law Guide from CCH.

Its a must have for an SRL.
  I agree that it is a 'must have'.
I found this book and others in the local library
Thank you Rosey or your advice. Hubby subscribed for SRL resources.

Thank you for every support and every comments in this site. It helps us to survive in this trouble.
Advice that might assist:

Keep calm - you have to have the composure of a saint or else it will be used against you. There is no quicker way to lose creditability than to be angry.

Do not directly question anything they say by saying I disagree with you but ask instead questions such as:

How do you know that? or
How do you justify what you say? or

For what reason do you think that?
i.e. Do not tell the Court what to think, give them the material facts to come to the conclusion you want. Your attitude must be one of helping the Judge make a very difficult decision. To appear opinionated they stop listening.

Look for contradictions in their arguments and what they say (I have yet to see one family report which does not have contradictions in it and which actually provides sound reasoning behind the conclusions.

Study and understand what 'fallacious reasoning' is and learn how to identify it conversation and text.

Record everything.

Do not telephone them to discuss things; write them down and ask them to write to you with the reply.

If they do telephone you with a reply (or anything else for that matter), write to them confirming what they have told you and ask for an acknowledgement of receipt (if you attach documents to emails ask them to confirm they have opened and read the attachment).

At all meetings have someone with you to take notes and witness what is said and, after the meeting write up 'minutes' and send a copy to them setting out what was discussed and ask them for any corrections by say a week's time.

If you have third party documentation to substantiate what you say, give them a copy of it and make sure you record having given them a copy of it. Never give them the original, never hand them the original, because if it is crucial to you argument/safeguard your position, it is quite possible it will 'disappear' or 'no knowledge of it' will be later claimed.

If they do not respond to requests for acknowledgement or to requests for minutes corrections, write asking them who or what prevents them from doing so.

Do not trust LAWYERS, social workers, mediators or anyone affiliated with the Family Court. They may tell you that recording things, having a witness etc is not necessary - this is because they do not want to be accountable.

Do not take any notice of the ICL. The family report recommendations are the final orders in 90% of cases.  

Read Austlii for caselaw to know what they look for and precedent to support your case.

Thanks everyone. Have emailed today, hopefully will hear back soon. I do know I already have one caselaw to back us up, bachman vs bachman I believe it was? Will have to hunt through the notes, but thanks for the tip about Austlii.
My husband applied for SRL on 30 April 2011. We have not heard from SRL admin. We are so concerned about the information we provided in my husband's application as it is very personal and private information regarding his cases. I would like to know whether or not his application form was well received.
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