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Magistrate Willis - Family Court Justices

peoples experiences with various Justices (SRL or not)

Just wanted to ask the quick question of how people find their justice/judge/registrar/magistrate behaves/d in the courtroom?

For my interim orders I had Magistrate Willis. She was quite fair, she gave me a serve about the length of my affidavit and attachments (weren't paginated properly), however she was very pleasant and treated both sides with a interested but detached demeanour.

I have a case coming up via phone conference in front of Justice Watts. This is an international relocation case. How has Justice Watts seemed to others who have had this Justice prevail over their case? Did Justice Watts seem fair? biased? Were the participants treated with care - were SRL's given a fairgo?

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There is simply no better way to know your Judge or Magistrate than going and sitting in their courtroom and watch them.
Anyone who is even thinking of self representing and does not do this does not have all the tools they need to complete the task at hand….. sure reading their judgements is helpful… but go and watch them in person, in the flesh…. its as helpful, and sometimes more

Get a case at the beginning, watch them is all stages of a case (it does not have to be the same one) and especially try to watch them with SRL's….

There is more you can do, research them on the internet, find out what makes them tick. Are they a liberal or labour? what are their hobbys, whet boards are the on? Have they written any papers? books?……..

every little helps

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To quickly add to this post, Justice Watts appears to be a very considerate and careful judge, he is still presiding over the case and the last hearing of our LAT is due for late october.

He is being very careful and considerate of both myself and the ex, as we are now both self-representing, and there is family violence involved ( now proven via family report). My personla experience so far, is that he definitely tries to make the court room less intimidating and a more approachable place, and also keeps control of the proceedings very well. I for one very much appreciate his ability to keep control of my ex.
Justice Watts is now the most senior Judge sitting in the Sydney registry. He allocates cases to other judges. He is not afraid make decisive decisions. If you are talking to him, speak plainly, stay very focussed and answer his questions directly. Be honest. His bullshit detector is very attuned. If he feels you are not being truthful with him he will chew you up and spit you out. He's is a top shelf Judge.

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