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Magistrate signed and party signed orders

We have orders that I have followed to the letter, we signed them by consent last time at court, I never received a typed copy from my lawyers (just one of the many problems- thank god i gave them the boot) but i did get a copy when I last went into the file room to have a look at our case. I have been reorganising the files today and was having a read 6 points of our consent orders are missing and several things written up wrong (one even the opposite of what we signed too)
My lawyers wrote this up, I am absolutely shocked. The typed orders are signed by the magistrate so which copy is the one we are meant to go by? Is there anyway I can get it changed if the typed copies are the ones we are meant to follow?

Just to add also as it's on my mind, ex's affidavits are always court stamped a day after they were meant to be accepted and most were never given to me - can an affidavit be acceptable if it is "supposedly" mailed the day it is ordered to be filed?

thanks in advance
regarding the affidavit, the court registry will always accept and stamp an affidavit even it its filed outside any timetable or directions. The affidavit must be served on you if not  it can be oejected to.

Regarding the orders in error…did you sign a copy of the orders? - I would get these and compare them.  You need to get to the bottom of why there were changes and how they happened.
Koala, thanks. Ex is the respondent, I am the applicant. I was under the impressions that respondents affidavit did not reguire hand service - I was even handed 2 (on different court dates) on the day of court. Every time we have had orders on when our affidavits and material we wish to rely on is to be filed and every single time this happens.

With the orders thats how I have found the errors as I have the hand signed and i got the typed and magistrate signed copy from my file examination(took home a photocopy) and found today all these errors, some which will adversely affect my case.


last time we were at the court for a hearing we were informed by the registry staff that they will not accept filing of any documents on the day of, prior to the hearing.  Those affidavits should be handed up DURING the hearing, and subsequently later filed in the registry.  The day of the hearing/appearance is usually a good opportunity to serve copies on the other parties.

If you are the applicant, your first affidavit needs to filed days ahead of time. Responses, either yours or theirs, can be handed up on the day.
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