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Hi - at what point do you call unfair play and report a lawyer for harrassment ?
My ex has a known eccentric lawyer from legal aid and he is sending me letter after letter, making up allegations without evidence, threatening me legally over and over and the most recent two letters arrived yesterday - 1 advising that he was going to file a motion in court for me to pay for his time to read my responses to HIS letters as they were not up to "standard" and were wasting his time and then the same day received a letter stating that the other party had received an email from a 3rd party that he beleived I may have been a party too.( i wasn't but since when does truth matter…) - He has then claiemd that this shows how much antipathy that I hold towards my ex and as such is a poor environment for children to be in…
The amount of allegations is growing and I keep knocking them down with irrifutable evidence, so he just makes up another…eg - I received a letter from my ex that stated, Your 6 yo daughter is going into therapy because she is asking question i am not comfortable answering about our break up(some 3 years previous). Some 3 weeks later a letter from her lawyer then states, your daughter is going into therapy because of the emotional abuse you have affored your daughter and because of how disturbed that I have made her…
I then get a another letter demanding that I not be in the street or surrounding area of my ex(despite eme having friends near by) and despite the fact I had been in her street once in the past year - when I ask why the demand for restriction on movement (there is no violence, never has, never will be) - i'm advised that she is being proactive and they do not have to tell us why they are making demands regardless…this very much impacted the kids later for various reasons, whom could not call in and grab needed equipment.

It goes on and on…but at what point can you report this kind of behaviour ?
I wonder why you bother responding to the letters at all?

A letter from a solicitor or a lawyer is just a letter - same as a letter from anyone.They carry no legal clout at all and you are not compelled to do anything. Often they are used to scare or intimidate, although they can sometimes contain important info. Remember that it is highly likely that the content of the letters is coming out of the mouth of your ex and being written up in legalese by the solicitor.

Only a court or tribunal can issue an order that requires you to respond or act.

My tip is to :
  • keep all letters from the other party
  • keep all letters from the other party's legal representative
  • silence on your part is often tactically the best response
  • don't respond to allegations from the other side - anything you say & do can be used etc
  • never, ever, respond or react directly to a letter in the 48 hours of receiving it - give yourself 2 sleeps to ponder your position and then seek opinion from other (even your own legal rep.)

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