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Jurisdiction in WA

Hello All. I live outside of WA and the ex has relocated with my children to WA. She put in an application to a case to the Family Court of WA, a hearing was held and the case is stuck at the interim orders stage. I don't like my chances of success in the WA court, where I think my physical remoteness will work against me, as I would have to attend electronically, and where I believe there is a fair amount of West vs East bias. Is there some way that I can move the case to the Federal Magistrates Court in my home state?

Thanks for any advice
Firstly it is in your interests to read the Start Up information on this site if only to ensure that the other side is not able to read your mind.
Relocation is possible but only if arguments are convincing. In the early stages presence in thecourt is not essential. If there are children involved relocation is more challenging. Although court attendance does allow one to check out other hearigs and glean more. You can do that in many locations. Should you appear by video link they are generally effected from court facilities. Avoiding the stress of travelling and being close to your resources is a strategy.
The Family Court of WA acts almost on same Act as elsewhere.

planter69 said
I believe there is a fair amount of West vs East bias
It is unwise to presume a bias against you.  A positive attitude is a good strategy. Friendly, non-agressive communication is the protocol. Deviate at your peril. The more pleasant you are with a judge the more he can be persuaded. They like others do not appreciate emotiveness. Bias is detectable in judgements so therein lies a check on it. All jugements are reviewable so that keeps the (judges) honest.

You have not mentioned where you are?

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Verdad, I am in NSW.
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