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Interim Hearing tomorrow - What should I expect????

Hi everyone

I have previously posted my story in the "New Site Visitor Question and Answer" section if you would like further info on my history thus far.

I am wanting just a little guidance as to what to expect in my interim hearing tomorrow.  I have never done this before so am feeling very nervous about the whole thing.

I just want to know what I should expect from tomorrow and what I may have to say/do in court.

Thank you
Read any ettiquette guide for the relevant court you are attending. Your Honour is a safe form of address in either court.

You will be see the ex.

Be prepared for various hangers on to possibly attend the court and give you the death glare. If the other party's supporters behaviour is unruly or intimidating, you should report this to the court security.

Dress smartly for court.

Be confident, but respectful.

Know your arguments and have your paperwork in order. Have any case law you want to quote at your fingertips.

Good luck.

Don't expect too much. You may get time with the children established, on an interim basis, unless there are other matters to be dealt with.

Be prepared that you may have to wait quite a while and not actually get a lot of time actually in court.

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