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How to submit photographic evidence


I have some photographs of someone that could be used to show to demonstrate poor/questionable character and lifestyle.

Does that kind of thing ever get submitted (or is it clutching at straws?) and if it is submitted, how do I do that?  Is just putting the photographs in a photo album enough? (along with approximate dates and captions, if I can)?

Do I need to do some type of separate affidavit or stat dec / cover page to accompany the photo album?
How does the photographic material assist the court in its determinations? 

I don't want to say too much in case the other party is reading these forums.
Ok. The photo evidence should be (directly) relevant to an issue before the court.

It should be used just to make a party look bad for no reason.

In my Magellan matter, 5 days before the Police called me up saying "we think you've sexual abused you daughter" and "you daughter's scared of you" or words to that effect, my niece had taken photos of my daughter and I together on a trip to the beach.

In those photo's she looked very happy and you could see the love between us.

Those pictures totally destroyed the prosecutions case in the related AVO matter. When the Magistrate saw those photo's I reckon the prosecutions case was "all over red rover'.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words!

I simply handed these photos up as 'exhibits' whilst in the witness box following cross-examined. They were big high resolution glossy A4 prints!

You can do the same or attach your photo to an affidavit -either yours or a witnesses.

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