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How long for interim orders to be returned once adjourned?

Hi all,

Just a quick question for anyone who has had an interim hearing adjourned…? How long did it take until you had orders delivered? Weeks? Day? Month…s?

Hearing was today and I just have noooo idea how long this will take?!

Children issues, no abuse/ at risk- need care % addressed and schooling for 2011 (oldest 2 heading into high school- need enrolment asap…)

Many thanks!!!
In the two cases I have been privvy to, the first was six weeks, and then the judge set a schedule of escalating time over about two months to facilitate WEANING of a breastfed toddler.  We thought the six week delay was his way of helping mother with time until wrenching the child away overnight………in total about 4 months until father got overnight stays. If we knew that baby well, he would have screamed all night untill somebody gave him a breast to latch to…..he just was a high needs baby and those were his routines.  Mother was not using it as an excuse not to give overnight visits.

In the second case, two weeks, and the judge already made up his mind on the day, because the next appointment to come back was scheduled on the hearing day.  Two weeks was just for their convenience to write up the decision.  And the result was a disaster.  I wish I could say more but it would identify the case….
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