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Grandparents and conflict of interest.

I have a questions concerning grandparents.

Grandparents assisted me financially with my matter two years ago.   In doing so, they corresponded with my then-solicitor, they were copied on emails between me and the solicitor, and all accounts were in their name and sent to them directly, by email and post.

These same grandparents are now seeking to intervene in the matter and join the proceedings.

I can't find anything like this on this website, but was wondering if anyone knows if this is a conflict of interest of sorts, given their involvement with my previous solicitor and access to correspondence regarding the matter two years ago?

Thanks in advance…
Pax, why are these grandparents now forced to make an application in the case?
A conflict of interest only applies to the solicitor. If they are now opposing parties then they can not use the same solicitor from now on. They are otherwise entitled to any information previously shared with them. They can join the proceedings if the circumstances are appropriate.

"When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside can not hurt you"

Executive of SRL-Resources
Thanks for that information.  I appreciate your help.
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