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Reading about mr Adams' antics reminded me of another matter I was involved in many years ago. My involvement was limited to helping pack the mothers property ready to move. What made this unusual was the Father had asked the court to award him the toilet brush as part of his share of the property settlement. It was a $2 basic plastic toilet brush. We left it on the dining table (also part of his share) with a nice pink bow tied to the handle. The father had failed to ask for the brand new heavy duty chain saw. The mother wasn't even strong enough to start it.

This demonstrates the importance of getting ones priorities in order!

For me - Shared Parenting is a Reality - Maybe it can be for you too!
At least in this case it seems that an orderly departure was in order. It must have been far more civilised than some where the dad arrives home from work one rainy afternoon to find all his possessions on the lawn and a moving truck closing its doors with the rest of his possessions on route to some storage shed. The printer shattered in a million bits down the driveway and his best laptop gone in the mornings rubbish collection. There are some major hormonal changes that go on when it comes time to separate.  :(

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We believe the wide ranging provisions in the Family Law Act should prevent witholding of contact. Those that do risk a reversal of the "lives with parent" status. That si very clear in the legislation.

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