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FM Halligan


My childrens case is now in the hands of Federal Magistrate Halligan at Parramatta and I would love to hear from anyone who has had any experience with cases in front of him.


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Go to Judicial Officers worthy of a mention.

He is our second favourite after Dr Tom.

1   Tom Altobelli

2   David Halligan

3   Le Poer-Trench

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About 10 years ago Mr Halligan then a judicial registrar ordered that my then ex be arrested for breaching orders mind you the orders were broken 22 times.

When she was brought before JR Halligan he gave her a caution and slap on the wrist - only for her to again break orders.

Oh well - my two teenagers are now living with me so justice has prevailed in this case… NEVER GIVE UP!:cool:

Orders to arrest!

Pretty strong action actually - and please remember that a Judicial Registrar is somewhat limited in what they can order.

An order to arrest would be pushing the limit. If the ex had had any sense of intelligence she would have seen the writing on the wall.

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