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Ex plans on moving with kids 3 states away

Any advice

Hello all,
           I been searching the net trying to find something to help me in this matter, so here I am. Well ex has told me that she is thinking of moving to Townsvillie in June this year 11'. I have only just been told this. We get on quite well and kids spend every 2nd weekend with me and and at least a week or 2 in every holidays. I call them 2x a week on the phone. I have a great relationship with my kids.

           I have another partner and we just had a baby girl :) which we are stoked about. I get along with the ex really well. I just have no say in her move, and I must say i feel a little shocked that my only recourse is to goto court.

           I can hear you all saying if you get along so well just talk to her about it. I also know her when she makes up her mind, she has made up her mind. I tried to talk to her today about it and she not going to move on it. She offered for me to stop paying support so i can afford to fly the kids down to see me (like i said we get along and she can see my side but she wants) in the holidays. Which is all good and well but its not the same i cant go to school events i cant go to sporting events. Plus its not whats in our court orders?

           I live in Victoria, all of my family my Mother, Father, brother grandma and pa's on both sides live in Victoria, her Mother, Father and Sister live in Victoria. I really didn't want to goto court but from what i have read seems the only way?

Any advise would be great thanks
What is her reason for moving?

How old are the children?
Hiya thanks for the reply,

                   Kids are 11 and 7.

                   Her reason for moving is she dosen't want to live down here anymore. She lived in Townsvillie for 16 years with her parents so she has friends and that up there and her grandpa and uncle live up there. She is saying she has to go up there and look after her grandpa as he has dementia and the home he is staying in wont let him stay any longer.

Thanks again for any help
Her reason for moving isn't relevant. There is no onus on the mother validated her reasons for moving.

The issue is it in the best interests of the child to remain in Victoria or Townsville?

Its sounds like the child has established relationships with extended family in Victoria - probably peer group school relationships as well.

You have court orders in place but that doesn't mean a great deal.

Have you approached mediation about the situation ?
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