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Debit Cards are EFTPOS cards used like a Credit Card

When and if making donations to the developments on the site can Debit cards be accomodated in the same way Credit cards and EFTPOS cards are used

To expand on the method of making payments: In Victoria Westpac and the National Bank have Debit Cards; that is a card used like a credit card but it only allows you to spend the money you have in your account. Somewhat similar to a prepaid mobile phone account (so imagine a prepaid 'credit cards' or debit cards).  Also see check out a prepaid Visa card called Bopo.

This saves the EFTPOS fees, chq fees and enables phone and online paying available to those who refuse credit cards or can not have a credit card.

You would need to check with your bank and others in your area to find who has this service available. Sometimes threats to close your account are required before they admit they have this service available because of the loss of bank income.

Maybe those of other States who know of these Debit Cards could add which Banks in the States also have these cards available for customers who don't or like I wont have a credit card.
One thing I once heard in a news broadcast was a release of a pre-paid credit card, you simply purchased the card for the value you wished to have in credit then purchase to this amount.

This was started for two reasons, one for those who do not want a credit card (for the obvious reasons, bank now thinking of introducing flat interest on full balance used per month at near 19%) and those who purchase online and fear card detail hijacked they can only access the remaining amount.

You just have to check the incurred fees to find which suits the individual.

There is also direct deposit into a specific bank account that can be done over the counter of the bank itself.

And my favourite is the postal cheque which is basically a money order that costs around $3.00 but is limited in it's use.

All options and all good to know.

I was offered a card, as you suggested No-Justice, but declined as it increased the possibility of impulse spending without the guilt and not considering the tight budget restraint I live with in.
We have not investigated the possible use of a DEBIT card transaction so thanks for the info about Westpac and National Australia bank.

We currently have PAYPAL operational and VISA and Bankcard through the PayPal gateway.
We have a full e-commerce system in development that will allow each group to sell their own "items" via  shopping cart and payment gateway through our Commonwealth Bank e-gateway. This facility will allow quite a range of credit card types but I must say we have not considered the "debit cards" to which you refer. I will make enquiries next week with Commbank card services.

The current donate option allows for a single transaction only and is not very sophisticated so we have gone down a development path to deliver a full community shopping cart for things like "memberships and renewals", "advertising space sales", purchases of books such as Michael Green's new book etc. Each Community member will have their own requirements so there was no point in delivering a FamilyLawWebGuide only system as this is a Portal not a web site and is for the community not just one organisation alone. Our aim is to have many groups (or those that want to) come together in one place and utilise a wide range of technologies. (Including the many closed forums we have here)

To this end I must confess we are not as far along the road map and development path as we had hoped after two years of developers peddling uphill. If the features are slow coming all I can say is we are devoting massive amounts of time to taking user commentary on board and testing. A WIKI/CEDI is in test currently. A much more exciting Search facility is very close now to deployment thanks to Ash Patel (Fathers4Equality) and others and the list goes on. When we deliver the integrated VOIP chat and WebCam stuff then we might get a few more interested.

Site Director
Mate the site may not be all the way there yet but it's a ripper and even if there may be a few little improvements to be made it is way ahead of any of the support sites I have ever seen.

I doubt not that most who use the site will simply take it for granted but those who have participated can take a bow for achieving such a great place to come.

It may need a person to learn a little more about it than the simplistic sites that exists but it offers a thousand times the benefit.

And it's not just a portal it the hands of a community stretching out to others you look into a portal.

Hope people start to look beyond their screens and see what this has given them.

Big thumbs up from this little numb nuts  
I just used my Debit Card, which is a Master Card, to make a donation to this site.

It gave me a few hiccups, like requesting the same information 2 or 3 times, and required the amount to be totalled before recognition of an amount, but my card worked as if it is a credit card which is what I said.

There are no changes required for a Debit (Credit) Card; they are a credit card without a bank loan requirement, hence cheap.

For cash I use it like an EFTPOS card with a pin number this saves the fees of over use of an EFtPOS card. For food, petrol and anything else I use it like a Master Card which is what it is, no fees to me and no cheque book required.
Would it be possible to provide an account number name and BSB for direct transfers? Curious as this would perhaps suit those wishing to make a regular automated donation, however I could understand  reluctance to give such information.
No-Justice said
I just used my Debit Card, which is a Master Card, to make a donation to this site.
The site admins were meeting this evening when the email alerts arrived and I must say we are MIGHTELY grateful and more than appreciative. More will be said directly to you. You humbled us greatly and the amount was more than generous. Our sincere and humble thanks.
No-Justice said
It gave me a few hiccups, like requesting the same information 2 or 3 times, and required the amount to be totalled before recognition of an amount, but my card worked as if it is a credit card which is what I said.
Can you create a Personal Topic with me (use the whisper function but take the second option not the inline one) and detail your thoughts as we will take a look at the way that PayPal gateway works and see if we can improve it.

Site Director
The prepaid visa card is Bopo - costs $15 for the card then you top it up at newsagents. It costs approx $1 to add funds and 50c for transactions.  An excellent alternative to traditional cards.

What about using PayPal to allow donations to the site?

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