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Contravention Final Hearing - another questions

Can anyone tell me if the final judgement will be made at the contravention hearing or if I will have to wait to hear what the decision is?

I understand the first decision is to whether or not there is a case to hear, but if there is a case to hear and the hearing continues will it be decided by the FM on the day? Will he adjourn the court while he decides or will we have to come back another day to hear the outcome?


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It depends on what type of contravention.  I commenced my contravention in Oct 2010, and it was finally resolved on 8 Feb 2012.  The decision was made on the day of the hearing, but the other party didn't turn up and did not respond which makes for a really easy outcome for the Magistrate.

At the contravention hearing, ensure that you have legal representation.  I got stung by this, because, costs would have been awarded to me, in the vicinity of $793 + $1,800 (or half sitting fee), but because I appeared without representation, I was not awarded costs.

At the end of the day, I suppose it is dependent who's the Magistrate.  In particular, some Magistrate's loath to make quick decisions, and others have a higher through put with their cases.
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