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Clarification - what next?

Hi all,

Hoping to get some clarification on Family Court procedures. In a nutshell, the case had proceeded past interim orders and was awaiting a judicial docket. There were still interim matters outstanding and so a judicial docket could not be issued. The case went to another interim hearing and there was non-attendance of one of the parties. In the absence of one of the parties more Orders were made, all interim applications were dismissed and the case was struck out of the list of cases awaiting Trial. The ICL was also dismissed.

Does this mean that the case is officially closed? Is the only next step to restart the entire Court process if changes to the Orders are sought?

Thanks in advance.
If the case is off the pending list it means Finals Orders were made.

Unless the circumstances were unusual it means starting the process again.

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Thank you for the response. What would make the circumstances unusual? The Orders that were made were quite 'open ended' in that they left the door open for the non attending party to re-engage with the children's psychologist to recommence therapy with the psychologist and the children. However there were no Orders made for access to the children in the future. It seemed to me that if the non attending party decided to recommence the therapy that there would then need to be Orders in place for renewed contact with the children, given the whole point of the therapy is to re-engage the parent with the children.
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