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Minute of Orders

I am doing my minute of orders for final hearing. The history of the other party is; has never been had anything to do with child in ANY aspect, which was their choice. Child is 12.
In the other partys initial application he was seeking equal shared parental responisbilty and visitation and phone contact, however in his amended application he has forgone the equal shared responsibily and is only seeking visitation (monthy?) and phone contact.
To me, this comes across as he only wants to see child occassionaly  but doesnt want to be part of childs life when it concerns money, schooling, clothing etc, hes quite happy for us to do that. I would like things to remain as they are.
 In my minute of orders all I have so far is that I have sole parental responsibility and child continues to live with me. Is that enough or should I add more?
That is probably enough if that is what you want.

What does the child want?

Maybe the father has changed his approach not because he does not want more, but because he has been advised that what he wanted was not possible or probable. I think that given the time he has not been in his child's life that monthly visits and phone contact may not be seen as unreasonable.

One day the child may very well want to know about their father and you need to consider this from the viewpoint of the child who at 12 is fast growing up.
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