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Family Law textbook list and online resources at the NSW State Library

List of books and IntelliConnect. Also posted in SRL Property section.

I thought I should add the information listed below as I did not find anything even close to this list when I was searching online at this and other legal forums.
Hopefully it will be useful to people looking for sources of information in the future.

All NSW Libraries have the often quoted "The Family Law Handbook", 3rd edition by Maree Livermore.

The NSW State library also has it as well as the following:

Family Law Principles           Harland
Focus Series: Family Law, 5th Edition
Family Law in Australia, 8th EditionLexis Nexis
Australian Family Law in Context: Commentary and Materials 5th Ed
Australian Master Family Law Guide - 6th EditionCCH
Family Law 6th Edition Dickey
Practising Family Law - 3rd edition
Annotated Family Law Legislation, 2nd edition
Splitting Up: The Essential Guide to Divorce and Separation in Australia

10 books in total and I found them all to be useful.

In addition if you join the State Library (no cost involved) you can log into one of their computers and get full access to the IntelliConnect databases from CCH.

A lawyer told me about IntelliConnect as a lot of them use it. It is a huge resource and very useful. It has advanced search functionality and you can email pages to yourself. It has cases with commentary, templates etc etc.

So for example one page is:

Family Law > Australian Family Law & Practice Premium Commentary > PROPERTY > CONSIDERING THE S 75(2) AND 90SF(3) FACTORS: STEP THREE > Case examples of s
75(2) and s 90SF(3) factors > [37-572] Duty to maintain children

"[37-572] Duty to maintain children

Last reviewed: 21 July 2011
In Robb and Robb (1995) FLC 92-555, the parties had one child. During the marriage their household also
included the wife's two daughters from a previous marriage……….."

Hope this proves to be helpful to others as I have not seen the list of books I put together nor any reference to IntelliConnect access for the person on the street mentioned anywhere else.
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