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Children's Contact Service Misuse..

Served documents at handover.. ambushed!

Today I went to the CCS in Adelaide to hand my son over for his supervised visit. When I arrived, his partner was seated at the entrance of the 'drop off' car park and stared me down as I entered the car park. I told the contact centre staff about this when I went inside with my son. As I tried to leave the contact centre with another mum that I had started talking to, I walked over to my car and a creepy guy with a folder approached us and stood by us staring at us. We both stopped at looked at him, then he rudely said 'I am here for YOU' and directed himself at me, pointing his finger at my face. The lady I was with saw him open his folder and then she said to him, 'This is not the place to be doing that, it is not appropriate' and she turned to me and said 'Go back inside.' I didn't know what was going on at this point and followed her instruction. Then as I walked away quickly to get help from inside, he followed and the other mum shouted 'run', so I moved quicker. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the man throw a handful of paperwork toward my direction.

When I went inside, one of the CCS staff spoke to me and I told them what had just happened. She then went outside and told the man he should go with her to await the police as his presence was not welcome and he shouldn't be serving documents on a parent at a handover, or at the CCS full stop.

The police then attended and I was told that the man had left and that he had put on his paperwork that he had 'served' the documents. The CCS worker then told me that the man had put the documents on my car, and we walked over to my car to see that he had shoved the document under my windscreen wiper. I was quite upset at the time because I soon realised what the partner of my ex had been doing, she was sitting there waiting to see what car I was driving and probably what I was wearing to id me to the creepy man.

I had been callously ambushed.

I was and am greatly upset by this as today was the first transition that my son was not distressed at leaving me and going to his father. (He is 3, father violent & irresponsible) I almost left the CCS feeling something other than upset, conflicted and concerned for my little boy.

I am in court on Monday for a hearing and what to know, what are your thoughts on whether this should be brought before the magistrate? I don't want to give the father the satisfaction of knowing that he upset me and made the handover extremely stressful for me, but at the same time I believe that the Magistrate and ICL should know what the father and his family and lawyer did today as the CCS is supposed to be a safe and inviting place for parents to have hand-overs occur.

A supporter of 'Family Violence is NOT O.K.' and equally of 'Fight for Good Father's Rights'.
have u been evading the sheriff?

my ex evaded the sheriff for weeks she even denied the sheriff it was her until i told the sheriff she was lying he then went back to her house and served her this took weeks and because she evaded for so long she was able to tell the court she had no time to seek a lawyer….
Not at all.
The documents were a response affidavit to an application in case I filed on the 15th of November, and the father states in his affidavit that was thrown at me (literally) today, that he was served by post by me on the 23rd.

We have a hearing on the 28th for my application in a case. So it was just a routine service of documents served in a most inappropriate manner.  They could have served me by e-mail like last time, they have my e-mail address for service.

A supporter of 'Family Violence is NOT O.K.' and equally of 'Fight for Good Father's Rights'.
Have you arranged to accept service at a  particular address? I assume you are self representing here otherwise the documents could have been served on the legal offices of your lawyer. I suggest you make arrangements to have service accepted by either registered mail or some other arrangement that does not cause the other side a need for some seedy process server to chase you all over town.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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They e-mailed the last documents and they have my home address- as somehow it was leaked to the other party (my violent ex-partner) without my consent during the course of the past 12 months of litigation.

A supporter of 'Family Violence is NOT O.K.' and equally of 'Fight for Good Father's Rights'.
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