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changes to an initiating application


im wondering how i go about making changes to my initiating application (im the applicant)

i have been told 2 different pieces of advice from the national enquiry line, one has said make an application in case, the other person i spoke to advised to put a red pen through what i wished to change then write in my changes?

as im a little confused now
I, myself was told today (FMC 1800 number) to do the strikethru thing as suggested in your 2nd alternative.
You submit a new Initiating Application Form and on the top of it you write "Amended"
That's what I did each time I had to make changes to it, and there were a few as the case dragged on.

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In respect of changes are they in relation to interim orders or final orders?

I ask these because I'm wondering what you said that caused the helpline to suggest you file an Application in a Case?

hi 4mydaughter

all i asked was that i wanted to make changes to my initiating and how i go about it, the changes were in relation to both interim and final orders as i found enough holes to drive a truck through it

after the 2 different bits of advice i got i rang a solicitor yesterday and he advised me to do an "amended initiated application" and cross out what i wanted to change and write in the new order, filed it today without any problems
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