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Change of orders

I live in Germany, I have court orders to visit my son who lives in Australia with her mum when I come to australia. He is 3 years old and I am planning to go back to Australia to live permanently there (I have my permanent residency). My expartner refuses making consent orders to give me more time with my son (for no reason). Do you think a court would make orders before my arrival to australia to make sure that my time with him will be increased? Or should I come back first? We have shared parental responsability and I communicate every week with him on skype.
Thanks for your help
In your circumstances you would probably not be precluded from making application now but you are better off making this application when you are in Australia. It is important to settle and establish yourself. It will be far better to say to a court "this is the job that I am working in and this is where I do live" rather than this is what I most likely intend to do. The other side would make a meal of that.
Furthermore there is a very real prospect that orders would be made for more regular time with your child, depending where you live and other circumstances.

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My plan would be to start spending time only a few hours for few months after my arrival then increasing my time little by little to reach a final agreement a year after. I would have time to get a job, house, etc. I hope the initial hearing would make orders then the final hearing would make the final orders in case of I manage to get a job and a house.
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