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Appealing and applying for stay of orders

I'm wondering if anyone can help me in how I layout the issues for an appeal. Do I just start the grounds ie - error on principles of law in this part, error in facts on this part. or do I explain in more detail.
Can the statement of the judge "I believe" be counted as an error if the evidence does not support that view? Can the judges statements of "{the ex} will have to end up doing {a certain thing} now and in the future" be counted as an error when evidence shows a lack of willingness to do it in the past 5 years and this is a big issue not something little, actually is a big best interests of the kids issue.
Is stating on thing is acceptable for one party but unacceptable to the other even though identical, counted as bias?
Can it be counted as an error if the judge has failed to look at long term effects? ie refering to and making judgement solely on next 2 years but nothing for past that time.
Do I need an affidavit - is this in depth to each ground?
When do I need to get the transcript and if early, how can I delay this? I have been qouted over 7,000 (money that will take us 2-3months to get and that's selling heaps of our possessions)
How do I apply for stay of orders? I know I need to fill out application in case and an affidavit to support it but do I list the grounds here too?
little concerning when I was told a stay is normally before the same judge who made the orders your appealing.
Thanks In advance. I only have a few days left to appeal.
What are you appealing? 9/5, sole custody, what? It might be better to wait a year and reapply for new orders on the basis of change of circumstance.

An appeal is a very time-consuming & unavoidably costly process. You will be arguing interpretation of the law with judges of thirty years experience not keen on admitting error to a non-legal. On the knowledge shown in the grounds above you will lose, they will apply for a security for costs and you will pay all costs

If serious check Family Court (Full Court) judgements on Austlii for framing of grounds in successful appeals.

No point in trying to appeal discretionary "I believe" statements, House v King.

Hopeless trying to prove bias & you will have to provide full transcript rather than excerpts to try.

Support for grounds is filed in Summary of Argument not affidavit.

Get audio recording for $35 to determine which part of transcript is required.

Stay of Orders is a separate application with supporting affidavit filed & served. It won't succeed. The trial judge has to concede the appeal.

Really I recommend against appeal.
ex got majority care 11/3 - mainly based on family report suggesting him because he said if he didn't get majority care he would walk away and disown the kids.
It was solely parenting orders.
I know where I can appeal on many parts including that there was much I couldn't cover in because I was not allowed an adjournment based on medical issues Horn and Gabin I was told was what the judge should have relied on- I was on heavy medication which made me drowsy and caused blurry vision - I presented medical certificate explaining issue and medication and these side effects. I continually expressed at times I could not read my notes, that I felt wosey and when I couldn't read anymore or stand anymore the judge would not even give me a break and said if I couldn't read anymore it was taken as I had no more questions. ultimatley much of the case was not presented and then it was held against me for not questioning certain issues.
It was also held against me for not questioning my own witnesses when I had sought leave to but was denied and also for not subpoena-ing people who I had sought leave to subpoena to give evidence in person and was denied by this same judge.
his bias is shown in is reasons refering to several documents not just transcript where one situation was fine for the other side but negative on us.
where do I get the audio file from? - it was in the family law court.
What I am seeking is a retrial.
If it wasn't for risk to the childrens safety - supported by my witnesses - school principal, gp and 2 friends of the ex then I wouldn't appeal but having their affidavits not considered because I didn't call them is ridiculous when I was denied such.
Also if it wasn't for another major issue then I wouldn't but this BS of he'll have to do it when previously ex's neglect to this issue has caused serious harm to the child is not in the best interests of the child.
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