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Anybody been before FM Connolly in Melbourne

Would like to find out about FM Connolly

My ex and I will be before FM Connolly in Melbourne shortly.

Has anybody had any experience with FM Connelly? If so what is he like?

Federal Magistrate Michael Connolly - Melbourne

Earlier in the month I asked this question elsewhere and received the following two responses:
Request said
Federal Magistrate Michael Connolly - Melbourne ?
Does anyone know anything about, or have any experience of, Federal Magistrate Michael Connolly (Melbourne, appointed 4 June 2001)?
Response #1 said
I suggest an Austlii search for judgements. You can get a feel for the Judge in that way (sorta).
Response #2 said
Pretty sure that was the bloke who said come back at 11.

I was in court at 5 to 11 and he had already made directions!

He said too bad, nothing he could do. I said he could re-hear at 12, or give the other side the same courtesy he had given me, and re-hear it now.

He had important things to read on his desk. I said a couple of things, like I was showing respect by bowing as I left the court. Had the lawyers in court cracked up, and made me feel a bit better.

Did not strike me as the fastest apple on the tree.

This was in 2003, so memory a bit vague.
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