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amended final orders / family report.

I don't want to reveal to much about my case on here, I am awaiting approval for the SRL group……

2 years ago my lawyer advised me about what contact I should be offering the father, I didn't like it, but agreed and final orders were drawn up and filed.
My second family report was done recently, I was able to tell the report writer my 'true' feelings regarding contact, the report writer agreed and the father has only 1 day (2 nights) contact , the other day on the weekend the children are with a family member of his.

My instincts tell me I should amend my final orders to reflect the report writers opinion - meaning less time with the father, as I was told I had to offer school holiday contact by my lawyer years ago.

I have Case assessment conference soon, I'm worried if I don't file an amended final orders, the ICL and Court reporter will 'go on' my final orders, rather than what the report writer says.

So I suppose the question is, do I file an amended orders or not ?

Before some people pounce, the father has been physically violent to the children and neglected them and more…..but I don't want to write it here for privacy reasons - this was proven by myself and admitted by the father.

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The orders you request are a part of the "mix" that court will look at when making a determination on time that the child/ren spend with parents.

If you feel that what you have requested in previous order does not accurately reflect a safe and viable option for your children, then you should ammend them.

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Thanks Artemis,  :) Much appreciated for your quick reply

I better get to work and write a new part of the orders, as they need to be filed asap !

I left out of that post above, that the contact with the father is EOW, whoops. Sorry.  

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