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Affidavits, Annexures and Exhibits

Need to know what the difference is

I'm in the latter stage of the proceedings and I and my ex filed last affidavits with Annexures.  Then the Crown filed an affidavit with one Exhibit with lots of Tabs.  I have no idea what the Exhibit is - is it part of the body of the affidavit, or like an annexure.  I'm used to the affidavit having a signature on each page, and the annexures witnessed by the JP or Lawyer.  The tabs have no signature at all.

Can anyone help?
Do the Annexures/Exhibits/Tabs instead have coversheets which have been 'sworn/affirmed'? My understanding is that Annexures/Exhibits are the same in the context of extraneous documentation annexed/bundled with an Affidavit.
The 'Crown'? I presume this is a criminal prosecution?

If you're in a Criminal jurisdiction (eg Local or District Court) then different rules apply to those before a Family Law Court.

Do you questions relate to a Family Law matter or criminal matter?

It's family law, with the Crown acting for the Dept of Human Services.

The Exhibit has a cover page which is signed by the deponent rather than witnessed by the JP or lawyer
Oh right. Its like that!

Exhibits don't need to be signed.

Documents can be submitted to the Court via Affidavits as Annexures or as separately as Exhibits (i.e. evidence).

Are these DHS documents? I'd subpoena the entire DHS files as the Crown may have 'selected' document that are favourable to their case and omitted document unfavourable to their case.

You may have been served those documents to authenticate them? The document should be available for viewing in the document room of the registry.

You can hand your own documents up to the court as 'exhibits' whilst you are cross-examining your witnesses.

Normally parties are required to serve (or identify) other parties with documents they seek to rely upon as evidence.

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