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Affidavit Question

I have to write another affidavit. Am I able to reference (point to) annexure's from my initial affidavit instead of attaching to the new affidavit and bulking it out?
If you are relying on an actual paragraph in a previous affidavit where the annexure is mentioned yes. If its a brand new paragraph then no. I could be wrong on this but that my understanding.

Consider this though, You do not want a Judge to be flicking backwards and forwards between multiple affidavits, it usually makes them very unhappy and your final affidavit is your ace affidavit.If its not your final affidavit before a hearing i would strongly consider not actually filing new material as mid case this also annoys Judges, wait until the time is right

If im wrong on this im sure others will come  and correct me

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Thanks Wolf. It is the final affidavit. I'll do new annexures then.
I have two previous affidavits. I still stand by everything that is in them, however I feel my final one represents what I want to say. Can I somehow communicate that to the judge?
IF you are requested to provide one affidavit only for a final hearing you cannot simply rely on all your previous affidavits filed. If the matters are important they should be carefully detailed in the current final affidavit. If there are many files (and often there are) it is time-consuming and sometimes frustrating to find the correct material. It can also disrupt the flow of the proceeding if you are forever jumping backward into old files.

It is important also to follow the rules of evidence as you can end up spending a lot of time dealing with material to be struck out.

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