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Advice on amending or updating an affidavit

I was wondering if anyone can give me some procedural advice.

I have submitted a Notice of Appeal (Child Support) to the FMC and in it I included my affidavit and financial circumstances. As I am self represented I had to research the best way to put these together which was a huge task in itself for a non law trained person. I did get some advice in the wording for the appeal as it was an appeal to an SSAT decision and this can only done as an appeal to a matter of law.

I realised that I have made an ommission in my financial statement which is possibly significant, and since lodging my affidavit I have thought of some additional points I would like to make to support my case.

My questions are these:

1> Can I resubmit either or both my financial circumatsnces and affidavit prior to the hearing date?
2> Is the registrar/magistrate likely to be unimpressed by a revision of either of these?
3> If I can resubmit, is there a particular way to do this that might that might look more favourable?

Many thanks 
Generally in appeals the opportunity to adducenew evidence is a problem. Correcting evidence may be justification.
Consider calling Family Court info line as they do give procedural advice as against legal advice. Now you are in Family Court they are there to help?
As an SRL you can appear uneducated and try on what you can. Respectful ignorance can be a form of defence. As to whether it should be admitted you might have to read judgements to glean his.
They will be the most informative source that I could imagine as useful. Austlii searches are worth your time.

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