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About the Independant Child Lawyer

Have recently had an independent child lawyer appointed to our case.

My first question is, the ICL is based in an entirely different city about 1000km away, and has requested permission to attend the court by phone. My initial impulse was, how are they going to properly represent my children when they clearly will never meet them, meet with the teachers, see the schools (one of the issues is which school the children will attend) etc. Is this a reasonable concern? If it is can I, or should I refuse to agree that they appear by phone, or even request a new ICL?

Secondly, will the ICL also view all the affidavits and exhibits that have been filed in court, or do I have to send these documents to them?
They generally don't ever meet the child, go to the child's school, etc. One would think they would. But no. You have a misconception of what an ICL does and doesn't do. They generally do very little.

An ICL mostly works from documents although they do usually meet the parents, even if only before court. You could request a new one but would need to justify why.

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