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A little lost in the forums

Hi there all I have got myself deep and lost in all of the documents. I would like some help for someone that is a little more informed on the site. I was looking for more detailed information on processes of the family court and of course some more knowledge on jeneral information like in the quiz for srl as I wish to learn more about my affadavit and the court procedures. I have also tried to join the srl but have somehow not been able to. I am also up for some sujestions on cause of action in my case however I think  I may have to be sighned up to the srl - r forums to do these kinds of things as my documents are important to me. Thanks O_o
Your requests are pretty general and could have many pages of answers. Can you say what you are looking to do. Eg child arrangements, property, etc. What court are you in. What stage you are at as the processes of the family court are many and varied. Maybe if you ask a bit at a time and build up. As you suggest do not post specific details of your case on this site.

The SRL quiz.
Have a look and see how you go. Then get onto google and teach yourself. Dont just get the specific answer, read a bit more. The point of the quiz is not to pass or fail. Hopefully it encourages you to explore and learn.

Knowledge is power.

Joining the SRL doesn't happen overnight. It depends alot on how much the SRL execs have on and it is usually ALOT. Be patient. Maybe an email just to see if the application went through otherwise allow a few weeks and keep reading and posting.

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