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Dealing with the ex wife

Yes I know you are right and I am pretty frustrated aswell. My husband works 12 hours a day and I think that's on of the reasons he is putting it off. She delayed visits and sent one kid down instead of both and she is difficult with the times and says not to book flights she won't send them down. But he books it, sometimes they come sometimes they don't depending on her mood. The flights get credited thank good. But I know all we can do is court. He just hopes it will change and belives that for some reason. The car issue is him making a mistake that's right cause he actually belived her going to sell it and to split the money or her going to accept less payments in cs. He thought he can deal with her and trust her. He said he should of yaken her to court stright away. Everyone is telling him to to what u guys say aswell. He agreed and now he wants to wait. Sorry for the troubel I actually really thought it's going to get sorted. The trouble just started with me coming into the picture and honestly I am highly depressed with the situation.
No need to be sorry people have still tried to give you help and advice but there comes a time when all anyone can do is repeat the same thing. Your hands are tied until he wants to move forward so take a back seat and see how things go, this is his problem to sort out and sometimes that means letting him deal with it his way.

There are solutions and they are not all the same so be patient and see what happens next.

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Good advice from D4E

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