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Best way to notify ex-partner

Having difficulty in getting ex-partner to acknowledge registered mail.

My sister in law is having difficulty with her ex-partner and having him acknowledge she has sent him documentation to advise of intention to have their children during the holidays. They share a 50/50 custody. Under her orders, she has to advise him 6 weeks in advance of which half of the holidays she wants to have the children. She sent the letter via registered post, and it was returned the first time uncollected. She photocopied the original envelope ( it was now less than 6 weeks), included the original letter and again sent by registered post. The letter did not come back this time and has been verified that it was signed for by him. On change over, he originally denied having received the letter, but later changed to denying the content of the letter and would not agree to bring the children back at the start of the school holidays. She sought further advice to see what could be enforced, and was advised that there was no way to prove what was in the registered mail. I called him and negotiated the holiday arrangements. He consented to holidays starting on Sunday, which contravenes the orders stating holidays start on Saturday. He still did not admit to the content of the registered post.

Has anyone else come across this problem? What is the best way to prove that he has received the notification? He wants her email address to communicate, but has been abusive (via email) in the past. Her solicitor advised no email contact to avoid the mental abuse. I suggested for her to have her solicitor write the letter of intent for holidays, but that is too expensive for her.

I hope somebody might have a workable suggestion for this case.
I am not a legal person, but here is a suggestion.

Write the letter, but do not sign it. Photocopy it and take both to a JP (court houses and post offices usually have these). Sign both in front of a JP to witness the signature and also have the JP witness that the photocopy is an exact copy of the origional.
You then register post the origional and keep the copy.
The other person may then be less inclined to dispute as they will recieve a letter with a JP signature. If they do you have in your safekeeping a certified copy of the letter sent to prove letter content.

To prove letter sent you have the receipt from registered post.
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