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Transforming a flawed AG policy

A call to revive psychology and science in domestic violence research and practice Donald G. Dutton⁎, Kenneth Corvo

Transforming a flawed policy: A call to revive psychology and science in domestic violence research and practice Donald G. Dutton⁎, Kenneth Corvo
University of British Columbia, Syracuse University, United States

Received 7 October 2005; received in revised form 14 November 2005; accepted 10 January 2006
Available online 10 March 2006

Intimate partner violence (IPV) continues to be social problem in the United States. Unfortunately, legislation aimed at solving the problem has been based on models of IPV that are not empirically supported. One example is psychoeducational intervention models legislated by the courts in many states.

These models eschew psychological treatment even of empirically established factors supporting habits of intimate abusiveness. They have, in effect, removed a psychology of abusiveness from intervention and replaced it with a gender political model.

In contrast to this model, research from several longitudinal peer cohort studies shows that a propensity for IPV is predictable in both genders during adolescence. Yet treatment or prevention of psychological risk factors is either neglected or negatively legislated.

This paper reviews the prevailing criminal justice intervention model, provides examples of how the paradigm supporting this model distorts interpretation of research and compares this flawed research with methodologically superior studies suggesting a different and potentially more effective approach.

2006 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Domestic violence; Criminal justice; Intimate partner violence

Dutton and Corvo : Transforming a flawed policy
Chris Smith speaking about Owen Glenn said
It is heartening to see a fellow Kiwi realise the dire straights that our country has placed itself in over this issue.

The commentaries  in Social Comment namely Macalays New Zealand and The Psychological Womb have been written as a background to this situation.

Macalays New Zealand
The Psychological Womb

Essentially we have made our issues WORSE OURSELVES by effectivity POURING GASOLINE on the fire.

Rather than decreasing our statistics our failed policy is actually solely responsible for the disastrous explosion. It is a sad story of Bureacracy and Policy gone wrong, without the checks and balances of due process. ( no one voted for Duluth nor was it discussed it was just selected behind closed doors )

The Main culprit is "The DULUTH Model" and the willingness of society to accept the Maxim that Men are Violent and that we should Intervene ( read Burearcratic Violence)  rather than to assist and educate as Policy.

I refer you to Professor Duttons body of research in this area and ask you to consider its overreaching implications for this country.

Dutton and Corvo

1. Many Women are Violent to the same extent as Men, the figures are roughly 49/51% and this is not something that anyone wants to talk about.
2. In a foolish show of Male Bravado we as a society seem to minimise this behaviour, as seen from a Male perspective, but fail to see its damage from a Childs perspective, as all adults appear just as powerful to a child.
4. Joking about or minimising Female Violence rather than acknowledging the destructive effects is not allowing us as a society to progress the resolution of this issue.
5. SAME SEX Relationships have the same destructive characteristics as Heterosexual Relationships so the NOTION OF STEREOTYPICAL GENDER BEHAVIOUR can be demonstrated to be a fiction.
6. By assigning "blame" early in a formula style reaction we have destroyed by intervention, the chances for many family units to actually survive, and effectively encouraged reformed units that often present far greater risk to children.
8. The comments that its usually a close family member or similar is also very misleading.
9. Mostly the horrific cases are where a non related person has entered recently into the family circle.
10. POVERTY , DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE and UNEMPLOYMENT are also the most overlooked factors.
11. The immense Collateral damage to our society is also underestimated in your opinion that every 4 years Domestic Violence is the equivalent of a Christchurch Earthquake.
12. The collateral damage is the seen in the rise in Male Suicides, corresponding over time with the roll-out of Duluth Programmes, and because of this failed Interventionist policy  two groups, young adolescent Males and Mid Life Male "targets" of the policy can be identified. For some reason  our refusal as a Society to acknowledge and deal with this damage is deafening by its silence … and the gag on suicide reporting we have self imposed.

Suicide rates in New Zealand

It is a damned mess and without scrutinising the reasons that have driven us to this "brink" no amount of enquiry by the bureaucracy that has sadly and misguidedly implemented our "policy" will be able to self asses its failings.

The first step is to REMOVE DULUTH THINKING totally from our legal and support systems……

……its is a discredited and "Luddite" solution that is the Gasoline on the Fire.

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Secretary SPCA said
A quick search on the site shows some interesting commentary from the likes of Professor Bala, who is a noted authority on Domestic Violence, and was at Sydney University recently. It seems the Deluth Model" is well past its "use by date" and definitely time to review old world views of Domestic and other partner violence and to review the Dutton and Corvo material again, perhaps with a view to looking at a new pathway moving forward.


Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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