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Revisiting The Fatherhood Crisis Of Our Civilization

New article by Dr Stephen Baskerville published 03/26/2018

Timely new article by Dr Baskerville in light of the current family law review led by radical feminist Helen Rhoades.

"…fatherlessness is the single most important cause of every social pathology: violent crime, substance abuse, truancy, unwed pregnancy in the next generation.  And all these ills cost us financially, making fatherlessness the major driver of most domestic government spending, including budgets for law enforcement, education, and health.  With fatherless ghettoes in Europe becoming the breeding grounds for terrorism, we can add some of the security budget too.

So how do we address fatherlessness honestly and effectively?  No expensive government programs or psychotherapeutic gimmicks are necessary.  It requires simply that we enforce the Constitution, which has been all-but-discarded .  Shared parenting laws would help in the short run, but more is needed. We must enforce the fundamental right of all parents to the “care, custody, and companionship” of their children, as the Supreme Court has repeatedly recognized, unless they have been found guilty of some legal transgression by due process of law.  We must recognize that “no-fault” justice – in divorce or elsewhere – is an oxymoron (and clear violation of the Contract Clause) that debases legal justice and threatens a free society. We must again require that knowingly false criminal accusations are themselves a crime that must be punished. And yes, we must directly confront the political power of the massive army of judicial functionaries whose collusion has brought all this to the crisis point and who fought reform tooth-and-nail the first time:  judges, lawyers, social workers, forensic psychotherapists, the radical feminists who pressure them, and others with a vested interest in taking control of other people’s children and using them as weapons to augment their earnings and power.

I have laid a lot at the door of fatherlessness: degeneration of our social order, financial solvency, and judicial integrity.  But it is precisely because so much is at stake that our would-be reformers have lost their nerve when they realize the herculean task they face.  We will need leaders of courage and strength – not only politicians but journalists, scholars, clergy, and above all the ordinary householders who are not only the basic strength of a democracy but who are also themselves, in this case, the main targets under attack"
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