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Parents are happier - especially fathers

Saw this piece this morning

Live Science said
Parents may not be the overtired, overworked and all-around miserable individuals they are sometimes made out to be, suggests new research finding Mom and Dad (particularly fathers) experience greater levels of happiness and meaning from life than non-parents.

Live Science said
Specifically, the research finds that parents are happier when they are caring for children than during other daily activities; across the studies that formed this research, the happiness bump was seen most consistently in fathers and in parents who are older and married.

Live Science said
"Interestingly, the greater levels of parental happiness emerged more consistently in fathers than mothers," Dunn said. "While more research is needed on this topic, it suggests that the pleasures of parenthood may be offset by the surge in responsibility and housework that arrives with motherhood."

The researchers also found that the stresses associated with single parenthood did not wipe out the greater feelings of meaning and reward associated with having children.

"We are not saying that parenting makes people happy, but that parenthood is associated with happiness and meaning," Lyubomirsky said. "Contrary to repeated scholarly and media pronouncements, people may find solace that parenthood and child care may actually be linked to feelings of happiness and meaning in life."

  The research is to be published in the "Psychological Science" journal.

If I'm reading that properly, it appears that Dads gain more from parenthood than Mums. That means it shouldn't be surprising that we feel the loss of the happiness brought about by parenting all the more keenly when Mum decides she wants the kids full time and doesn't want Dad around at all. It can't be ignored that fathers are far more likely to suicide than mothers in the context of familial breakdown.
Samba said
While more research is needed on this topic, it suggests that the pleasures of parenthood may be offset by the surge in responsibility and housework that arrives with motherhood."
  Nah Craigo, I think its more likely that when parents split up, dad has to start doing his own cleaning and cooking, then balancing work and looking after the child on top of that. Terrible isnt it?
This looks like a really trashy article. Surely you could come up with something a bit better than this?
It may come as a shock to you Samba, since you obviously don't have much to do with men, that men are actually used to doing the washing up, washing clothes, housecleaning, cooking etc. In my case I am a very good cook and have been the family's main cook in every relationship I've been in. On the other hand, I don't value a spotless floor very highly, something that some women seem to do obsessively.

I am alos a very happy father, despite the best efforts of the ex to try to make me go away and never have anything to do with my kids.

Never let the facts get in the way of a good whinge, eh Samba? Haven't you got children to scream at or something?
Good point craigo, I too am a happy father that has more full-filment in my life having play a major role in my childs upbringing post separation. My ex trust her hardest to prevent it and her knowing me she knew it was the only thing in life Im interested in. She knew that my child was the key in hurting me knowing that i dont care about material possessions or career driven. I do however have a good job and i do have the "boys toys" that keep me busy in my own time.

My thoughts do go out to the fathers out there who have had their children removed from their lives from false allegations of DV and even on the lighter end of actual DV where the father might have learnt his lessons and even sought help but found dead ends and lack of help thru government and charity agencies. Those fathers that have had the "raw deal" I try and tell them to keep their chin up and never give up but its hard when the system is stacked up against them.
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