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National Families Week - excludes Fathers

Is the dad the one in a skirt?

Families Week finished yesterday, 21 May 2012. If you're a husband and father, you probably didn't notice - which the Gillard Government's publicity.pdf suggests is the whole idea: a fully androgynous working Marxist society.

The Penny Wong family is the ideological dream of the radical feminists/gay dominated government to abolish gender "discrimination"  by transforming its institutional source - the patriarchal family.

The Family Violence (sole cus tody) amendments are about to take effect, 7 Jun 2012, and the Australian VAWA - the National Plan to reduce violence against women and their children [but not men] - has been allocated a $100M.

These are legislative social re-engineering to redefine family as a single mother & her kids. The iron triangle of feminist governance, the lawyers union, and women's groups have UNDERHANDEDLY and UNILATERALLY fashioned family law-DV-rape-child abuse laws into instruments of terror to disenfranchise, criminalise and pauperise men. They have declared to the women of Australia:

"If you file for divorce, we will take everything your husband has and divide it among ourselves, with the bulk of it going to you. We can take his children, his home, his income, his savings, and his inheritance and reduce him to beggary. And if he raises any objection we can throw him in jail without trial. The laws are subjective so you only have to think you're afraid. No evidence of wrongdoing is required and there are no penalties for lying."

The family violence amendments and the National Violence Plan redress the 22% drop in profit that the "weak" shared parenting reform of 2006 caused. $4 billion is transferred annually by The System out of Australian families pockets into the pockets of the judges, other lawyers and public servants who staff these courts, and the $40 billion drawn and quartered from the taxpayers to support this industry each year.

The $40 billion is redistributed among the lawyers, social workers, child support enforcement, the political arm of the women's "liberation" movement, which in turn funds the training of judges and law enforcement - must arrest/no-drop prosecutions, where the advocates directly benefiting from the VAWA funds make these training programs deliberately biased, based on fabricated factoids substituted in place of true statistics by the feminised academia & gender study researchers - the cash economy via the banking and repossession systems, with only $10 billion remaining to be fought over like cats and dogs by the 200,000 families processed by the system.

Taxpayers foot the $12BN/yr bill for massive single parent welfare increases, subsidising 14hr daycare, collectivised childrearing centres, female quotas, reverse discrimination, equal pay for "comparable" work, the mass criminalisation and incarceration of men, as society is feminised and children raised by the "village" rather than their own parents.

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