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Dr McIntosh - UPDATE!


Kip said
 ….. I have also previously made a formal complaint against your comments and those of Liberi Primoris on this forum which I feel are a form of 'internet bullying'.
You made a complaint about LP making "sarcastic comments" and
Kip said
I am reporting this because Agog says that I am abusing site privileges I do not have. But the reason I was made a Silver Member was so that I could post new threads. I am not doing anything that I was not doing previously
Silver membership comes automatically from the number of posts you or other posters have made and does not give you any permissions to start large number of new threads as a type of blog. You were initially given great latitude on this site and you abused the privilege. Have the courtesy to read the first forum on this site about double posting and new threads - do you think you have some special right to ignore these?

Some weeks ago I wrote you a private message (which other senior moderators were aware of) giving you a heads up on what you were doing wrong - In effect a nod and a wink, You did not even acknowledge this and then were rude enough to restart your campaign - essentially giving two fingers to the site moderators. Do you have some sort of problem with understanding what the senior people on this site are writing to you privately or in the forums?

Another poster also gave you a heads up - you are only getting responses from very senior site members who are moderators and often senior people in support organisations - does that tell you anything?

You have not responded to other SEC SPCA questions directly - you made posts in another forum and again SECSPCA had to take issue with what you had written.

REPEAT you do NOT know how our Family Court system works - so refrain from making inappropriate suggestions to people about content or proceedings in those Courts.

Moderators on this site do speak to each other regularly and it is a shame that you and the content of your posts have occupied (WASTED) so much time of late. Perhaps it would save moderators time and angst if you were banned or you were put on the 'posts to be validated first' list?

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (look for the Avatars) Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
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