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Well yesterday I saw a huge building with small apartments up top and a large retail store down the bottom.

This could be adapted to this type of cenario just imagine a store staffed with 40 people and all their children living upstairs and then adults living separately.
Funny how everyone is different, to me that sounds like a prison, the worse kind of hell. I live in the bush though and having no neighbors, having a home miles away from from my workplace and wide open spaces keeps me sane and make me feel free.    

Sounds like you need someone who has a healthy dose of self reliance & is secure in themselves Istvan. Truth be told everyone should probably develop those qualities long before entering into any type of serious relationship and having kids.
This is correct. It's hard to teach a person how to be independent. That framework we talked about before teaches both people how to
be self reliant and to consider themselves first and then the relationship as second.

Losing independence means losing relationship stability and relationship failure. Imagine both being committed to 30 minutes to 2 hours of interaction per day as opposed to several hours wanted by one person and a short time of 60 mins wanted by the other.

Once a couple has reached a point in which they understand the blueprint for their relationship well it can work very well and their
relationship can be healthy and functional.
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