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Solicitor Tries Blackmail - Parental Alienation: Have a look at this for foul play

The post offers credible evidence of a Solicitor attempting to use blackmail to further his clients financial benefit from a property settlement ...

The below is offered as proof of a solicitor attempting to use blackmail to further his client's financial benefit from a property settlement. The worst part, both the solicitor and the mother involved were prepared to have the children suffer (as they did) and risk the Father going to jail and his life being ruined in their efforts to maximise their own financial gain.

Go to this link and read …

If you, or anyone you know, have been subjected to similiar I would love to hear from you, particularly if you live in regional southern Queensland.

This solicitor and others like him have to be taken to task.

Please pass this on to anyone and everyone, the more attention it gets the better the chances are of getting something done.

Thank you.
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