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PAS Vs Parental "Enstrangement"

Can I use the argument that because of Parental alienation, the children now feels enstrange???

Anyone with experience in Psych??

Psychiatrists assess there is "Parental enstrangement" not Parental Alienation/alignment

Psychiatrists report "indicates" reading between the lines that there is Brainwashing (By the alienating parent) + Manipulation (By the alienating parent).

Judge said that parental alienation is different to "Parental enstrangement".

But I read somewhere in a Psych Journal that:

Parental Enstrangment + Brainwashing (By the alienating parent) + Manipulation (By the alienating parent) = Parental Alienation/alignment

Do you have any experience with these Psych terms?

Can I use the argument that because of Parental alienation through Brainwashing + manipulation and baseless and malicious allegations, the children now feels enstrange???

You can browse through the past forums. there are plenty of posts on this topic,
use the search engine

G'day Monaro,

Parental enstrangement shows no results?

it is a different Psych Term

It has lots on Parental Alignment/Alienation.

Sometimes you can find information via a web search, information regarding new or seldom used references may not appear on the portal as they are may not be termed regularly but only in rare cases.

Your Social Worker - Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW

Cut and paste this into your browser and you should find a basic reference to the difference in application of term.

It will explain why the Psychiatrist has come to their opinion and you will need to adjust your thoughts away from P.A.S., Parent Alienation or parental alignment.

There is a big difference between the terms and how they are used, it would suggest that the Psychiatrists accepts you have taken a passive role to a problem that has been your X partners doing that has moral consequences.

This should have been expressed in the report that would have been written with less than you suggest written between the lines but more dependant on the term used to express what may have been meant by comments.

You can not use what you have suggested as much of it does not exist in the eye's of the report writer and instead it will effectively show that you are trying to manipulate the system to better suit your personal goals with little concern for B.I.C.

Definitely research more but be careful how you try to use it.

All best D4E
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