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Parental alienation: Mother's Anti-Father Stance

Children are alienated from their father by their mother, the family courts do nothing and the CSA keeps robbing the father to pay the mother!

Here's another example of children being alienated from their father by their mother.

The courts could have executed a recovery order but did not.  They have the ability to trace the mother via CSA, Centrelink, ATO, etc sources and information.

Now it is too late for the younger children.

Fortunately, there is one spark of good news: the eldest daughter had enough doubt of her mother's lies, coupled with the intelligence and persistence, to make multiple enquiries and to establish the truth and to get back in touch with her father.

From: "ms_behaving"
Date: Monday 6 April 2009
Subject: Anti Father Stance

My husband and I finally found the children.  Suddenly after 7 years, they were easy to find, on one of the social networks available.  We were excited, thinking this was a start to contact.  Now we knew it would have be taken slowly, after 7 years of just hearing one side, they were bound to be wary.

Wary turned out not to be the right word.  While my husband is now in regular touch with his eldest daughter, after he had phoned her the first time (we found the mobile number, it was odd how after years of searching and nothing, they suddenly "appear) and it did not go well, he did try to speak to his other two by email and instant messenger.

Well, his son told him to eff off basically, questioned why he paid so little in child support and questioned other things, such as selling his bike (not true) and other things that had obviously been told to them over the years to make my husband out to be a bad person.

It was blatant she allowed them to go "public' because she was pretty confident they would not want to listen to their father's side.

His eldest contacted my husband's mother over the first phone call, to be told a few home truth's, she rang my husband's sister in Cairns, same thing, then finally rang the one sister my husband does not get on with, and well she was told the same thing.  Out of the blue, after my husband was extremely down because it seemed his ex wife had done her work well, his eldest daughter phoned.  Now they speak regularly on the phone, and on instant messenger.  She has been talking to her siblings, but no joy yet, maybe given time.  

We tried going through relationships Australia for the youngest child, last we were told, they were working on a conference, that was over a month ago, and they have not been back in touch.

With the children's ages, the only one who would be effected by a recovery order would be the youngest, and this would mean separating her from her siblings.  This would not be fair, so really, thanks to the inaction of the courts in the 7 years we have tried to find them, get contact re-established, being mucked about all that time, my husband is pretty resigned to the fact he has lost his children.

No-one will do anything about his ex-wife, she got away with what she did, and to make matters worse, ensured that if he ever found them, the children would react negatively, and have no chance of a relationship at all.  

What has happened to my husband is a true case of parental alienation, I just wish there was a way to fix this, with the new laws recognising those who are in this situation because of old, archaic laws that were biased towards fathers.

Would be nice

My husband has gone through, and still is, the same thing from his ex wife.

The older daughter ended up living with us but we did not realise all her emotional damage of living with the mother all those years, she put us through hell. And now nocontact whatsoever.

The youngest who is 14 in May hasn't spoken to my husband for 7 and a half years.

Yes changes would be welcomed but all the damage has already been done.

Hubby pays his child support, and has a court agreement, but nothing what so ever is included in their welfare or upbringing. :(
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