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Is there anything we can do

Ex wife stopping my partner from seeing his daughter because of me

Apologies for the novel but have to tell the whole story.

My partner has a 9 year old daughter and his ex partner and him are going through their divorce proceedings at the moment. When i first met him he had his daughter overnight when he was  home (he works FIFO). We have since moved in together and his ex is now not letting him see his daughter. They have a parenting order granted oct las t year where he is supposed to see his daughter every second weekend 9am till 3pm Saturday and Sunday.  He went around there one weekend to pick her up at the scheduled time in November last year and his ex stood in front of her and said he is not taking her. She was swearing at him about money in front of his daughter, he ended up just walking away.

Since then she has started saying the daughter doesnt want to see him and she has blocked him from calling her. She says that she feels like he has a new family. I have a daughter same age who she got along with so well.

He didn't get to see her or speak to her over Christmas and then in February this year we broke up. When he told his ex we had broken up his daughter phoned him the next day. Then he was allowed to see her that weekend. Not long after we got back together and his ex had asked him where he was staying. He told her he was back with me and the next day when he tried calling his daughter his daughter said to him 'you are not my dad, I don't want to speak to you, you have chosen your girlfriend over me' and she hung up on him. He has not spoken to her since and the ex has since messaged him saying that she will never accept him with me.

He is obviously heartbroken because he absolutely adores his daughter and really misses her.

This is not the only time she has stopped him seeing his daughter. She has threatened him before we were together that if he doesnt pay for things he won't see her.

Is the only way he can see his daughter for us to break up or is there anything else he can do?


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Get some court orders but first start the mediation process. There is much written on the site here about how to do that.

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