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Info on relocating required

Hi,I'm a separated father from tas,my partner and I seperate a 3 months ago and have two children aged 2 and 3.we have mediation in 2 weeks.i am relocating to qld after Xmas and want to know my rights and what I should seek at mediation regarding visitation,face time call,phone calls etc.i am willing to fly back to see my kids and have family ie sisters etc who would occasionally fly my children to qld to see me.woukd this be totally my own cost?also need an arrangement to see my kids up untill I leave.can I get a court order to accommodate this?being that I will need an arrangement from now up untill Xmas and then a different arrangement for when I move away ?appreciate any feedback.
Scottssv10 said
woukd this be totally my own cost?

You should be able to offset some of the costs. However, this would be through a reason 2 change of assessment. Unfortunately change of assessment is a step that very often results in a clear bias against the payer and especially so if the payer runs a small business or is self-employed. Anyway you may wish to read this The CSA Guide - 2.6.7 Reason 1 - high costs in enabling a parent to spend time with, or communicate with, a child.

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