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Help - Loosing children What Can I do

Children side with one parent due to new siblings and wanting to be loved

My Issue

Other parent has re partnered (as have I).  Children have always yearned for the recognition and love and I have always ensured that they know I love them no matter where they are.  We have a court order in place which my x partner has continually breached.  I have now been forced to issue a contravention order.  I have tried everything to make this work as i believe children should be able to grow up knowing both parents.

My X has systematically worked on my eldest to the point i didnt see them.  I established my contact with the eldest last year and new orders were put in place and everything was going well until christmas when they all moved in together(my x and the new partner). This week my x has again withheld child and claimed the relationship with me is so poor they does not want to come home…..  however they ran home to me on Monday and after several hours came and told me they wants to be with the x as they feel they have been replaced by the new partners children… their reasoning was that I have treated them all the same no matter where they have lived.  the x treats them differently  takes the new children on holiday buys them things…..  and thats what they want  they want the x to love them as much as those that live there full time

i'm at a loss what to do… it is breaking my heart to watch them go through this. but it will break my heart letting them go. 3 in total age 15 12 8
I cannot add much except to say that the 15 and 12 year old have a view that will be taken into account in any hearing and their views will count a lot. It is always problematic when a new blended family comes together. If your ex partner has continually breached the orders you do not have many alternatives but you must be wary about "reasonable excuse" and you must attempt mediation unless there is family violence involved.

It sounds to me that the children want to see you so I think it will be hard for the ex to continue to frustrate such contact. Try the mediation path and see where that leads. These children are growing up fast and soon they will be older and won't want to know either of you so you should both enjoy what you can while you can. AS they get older they will find friends and activities and become independent and decide for themselves where they are going each weekend.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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