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Ex relocating children - advice please


The situation:

A few months ago my Ex said she wanted to move interstate with my 2 younger children and my oldest would stay with me, prior to this it was a 70/30 shared care in the same area. We did not have a parenting order as I had received advice during my divorce not to do so.  In hindsight I paid a lot for not so great advice.

I told her from the beginning that this was a very bad thing and I didn't want it to happen. Her rationalisation about the move was self motivated and ignored my concerns about the distance  (3 1/2 hours) or separation of the family.  Over the next month or so it seemed that her plans did not go ahead so I assumed it was all talk.

Recently it seemed her plan had changed from what she had stated originally but was still taking the two younger children away and had transferred her job to the new location.

My oldest turned up on my doorstep and announced he was now living with me and the two others had already moved without my knowledge.

I am at a loss on how to proceed with returning the children, I think the older two, (17YO with me and 15YO with her), can decide themselves but the youngest, 10 YO, cannot. The 17 YO is upset by the situation and the other have seemed to resign themselves to their fate as their mother is extremely intimidating. They even finished the last 2 weeks of school down there to my amazement as the youngest was already struggling at school after an extended illness.

I would appreciate the advise on how to proceed.
Hey I'm really interested in your post. I'm concerned my ex is gonna do something similar. But what I don't understand is what is it that you want?

I'm guessing your saying the two youngest have disappeared?

Ok you're gonna need to spend money on solicitor's quick. You will be seeking relocation orders from the court.
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