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Copy of Letter to Suicide Prevention Australia

Copy of my letter to Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) of 19 Sept 07 Reproduced Below:

From: Rob Duff
Co-ordinator Cultural Harmony Institute


Re: Failure to consider 'Parental Alienation' as cause of Suicide + Submissions

I have been deeply disturbed by the complete avoidance of Parental Alienation as an issue both in 'Non-residential Parent' and 'Effected Children' suicide. I have done a lot of work with fathers post-separation and believe that Parental Alienation is probably the largest single factor in Male Suicide and possibly the largest factor in the Suicide of Children.

A National Indigenous suicide rate of twice the rate for those of European descent is seen to necessarily infer a bias in the system against Indigenous Australians however a discrepancy of double that difference between male over female suicide rates is never interpreted to imply that the system is biased against men. However there is no reason why such an inference is not just as legitimate, if not twice as legitimate, as the inference drawn for Indigenous Australians.

It is time to face and address the many ways in which our system, particularly the function of the Family Court, is biased against men.

I have also been frustrated by the apparent complete lack of any facility for people who were not part of the 'invited' group to make submissions to SPA on this subject.


Rob Duff
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