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Aunty Brainwashed on Parental Alienation

Bettina rebutts the scandalous propoganda program, ABC Radio National BACKGROUND BRIEFING


Subject: Fw: Court's injustices 'fail kids' AND FATHERS

As part of a national campaign to discredit PAS, Australia's public broadcaster ABC radio have compiled the following program on the popular Background Briefing radio show aired today 18 Feb 2007.
Numerous USA references and 'experts' interviewed.
The web page contains links for audio streaming as well as downloading mp3 file.
Link to story in ABC online

Link to PodCast story MP3

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Link to PodCast MP3

Edward Dabrowski
Federal Director
Shared Parenting Council of Australia

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Federal Director  -  Shared Parenting Council of Australia

Parental Alienation Sydndrome - A childs own conscience

There is a mechanism in the perpetuation of PAS that I have never heard mentioned. Once the child has turned against the non-abusive parent they have to justify their treatment of that parent to their own consciences and do so by buying ever deeper into the lies which alienates them further which they then have to justify, etc.

Shouldnt there be a link to this site from the SPCA site?

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The SPCA has just re directed our URL into the Community sites withoin this portal so the SPCA is now integrated into the Portal site.

Guest raised an interesting point here and that is once a child has turned against the other parent through an alienation campaign, then that child finds a need to justify the alienation by further perpetuating the regime… An interesting hypothesis indeed worthy of exploration and even further looking at ways of coming back from this dreadful state.. :(

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Not just a Hypothesis

I was the anonymous 'guest'. I was not able to register for sometime because of a tech difficulty.

This is not just a Hypothesis, this is happening right now with my daughter and possibly also with my son.
PAS has been discredited as a "syndrome" and is now referred to as HAP (Hositile Agressive Parenting) and is termed a set of behaviours.

Well, a duck is still a duck and it quacks loudly at our house.

I am not allowed to comfort, shake hands, hold hands, hug, hold or carry or kiss my step-son because Mummy said so. Forget about bonding - how am I supposed to care for the child, say if I want to cross a road and the child wont hold my hand?

I wont go into detail as to what the father (my partner) is subject to; it would be too identifying.

I would love to see someone do some research about the links (that I see, anyway) between PND and Narcissistic Personality Disorder and HAP. In the extreme cases, there must be something mentally abhorrent in these people, pure malice cannot last that long.

I am really disappointed in the ABC being so one-sided on this issue.

I can tell you, we have done nothing to deserve the vindictive campaign that has been underway since my partners ex left, which intensified when I came on the scene, other than try to be parents to a child. I would have thought that was a basic human right.

Junior Executive of SRL-Resources

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (Look for the Avatars). Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
There seems to be many forms of child abuse - if only it was all treated equally no matter who perpetrates it.

I must admit the technique of calling things 'syndrome' , 'Battered Wife Syndrome', 'ADD' or 'post natal depression' (why not just depression??) seems to be aimed at the idea of applying some 'science' to the topic by 'researchers' or people with opinions or something they want to achieve so they can get:

1) Public sympathy

2) More money

3) Someone to by their drugs or consume their service

The other issue is that society readily accepts that some males are 'evil' by nature - yet strangely this is not a capacity easily accepted for females - despite daily evidence to the contrary. Females have 'excuses' or 'justifications'.

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
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