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Welfare Card

Being kept very quiet

I heard this on the radio news this morning. Apparently, the government is trialling a card
in indigenous communities, where part of the welfare payment is loaded on a debit card
only permitting purchases on food and clothing… A google reveals that this has been
in the works since 2004.

This has really been portrayed as an indigenous issue, but the article following shows that
it will be rolled out to welfare recipients as part of the upcoming budget.

Budget to roll out new welfare card - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I think it's a sterling idea.

Junior Executive of SRL-Resources

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (Look for the Avatars). Be mindful what you post in public areas. 

A Personal Plea

This is a personal plea to all who reply to this post.

In your responses, please be mindful of those parents on welfare payments who take very good care of their children, putting the children first always, and responsibly juggling very tight budgets. This reform would apply to those parents too.

While it is certainly productive to look at options which see welfare payments going to the very real needs of children, it is very hurtful and not at all productive to characterize all parents on welfare as spending the money on booze, pokies etc.

If you have ever gone hungry to feed your children, or had your own front tooth extracted because that is cheaper than repairing the tooth while providing first class dental care for your children, then you will understand the struggles of such parents.

Please, I am not saying don't debate this issue and I am not saying anyone in this forum has said anything offensive - this is after all only the second post!.

I am just asking that it be debated in a way which is sensitive to parents who are doing their best in very difficult circumstance.

A well written and sensitive post Katie. I find that generally members are more respectful to each other and to members of the public with oposing views here on FLWG than on some sites I visit which are more reactionary. Sometimes the vitriolic embittered posts do more harm than good. It makes the  "group" an easy target for ridicule and streotyping of the type we are all familiar…ie the "mad dads" Vs "feminazis". I'm sure this site is monitored and read by some of the powers that be.  Lets send the right message. :thumbs:
Artemis said
This has really been portrayed as an indigenous issue, but the article following shows that
it will be rolled out to welfare recipients as part of the upcoming budget.
Is it not that it's a generally accepted issue, but worse apparently for indigenous, so they are starting in that area. My hope is that they also expand it to cover recipients of CS, as then it would provide payers with some form of assurance that the CS is being spent where it should be, which may even then lead to a reduction in those who avoid payment due to that reassurance.

Perhaps the CSA themselves would push for this as it could then brighten up their figures and give them more control as there could be a move by some from private collect to CSA collect so as to gain this benefit. Although one would hope that it could be expanded to cater for private payments.

However saying that Matt Miller, did say on the DOTA show, that this would be impossible, not that he provided any reasoning or evidence as to why it would be impossible.

If managed well, and that management is my main worry, I see that many could benefit from such a scheme and the only to suffer, if the scheme is managed well, would be those who abuse such payments.

Re welfare card

As I understand the card, it is only to be used (for now) where there are ongoing problems. In other words if you can manage your money, the question won't come up.

For me - Shared Parenting is a Reality - Maybe it can be for you too!
Being in this position being discussed I have to admit it does not concern me that payments of welfare or portion of be controlled bu allocating an amount for food or clothes or even power and such.

The major problem is it will open up a black market trade, I should say possibly open up illegal trade.

near all commodities are able to be traded and are usually traded for less than bought value.

I'm not sure if this would work with anyone accept those who are already doing the right thing, but I can see the negative effect of reducing poverty in the effected community.

Alcohol, Drugs, Cigarettes are all commodities that will be traded for clothes and food, prams, cots etc.

Just another bandade solution that could well do more harm than good.

Although making C.S.A. accountable would no doubt be a benefit to children.

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