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CSA Redesign feedback - Child Support Estimator

The CSA is seeking feedback on the child support estimator

The CSA is currently redesigning the Child Support Estimator to provide additional contextual support for parents. It will also simplify the process for parents, and updates the estimator to reflect the new child support scheme.

As such, CSA are seeking feedback on the redesign.

I have attached a pdf of the proposed new screens for the estimator for you to look at.  

CSA redesign estimator screens

The CSA are seeking feedback on both general design and the flow of information from one screen to the next. If you have any additional feedback on the estimator, either from your own experience or other comments please feel free to make comment and send that through as it will help CSA in the redesign process.

You can also compare against our basic and advanced calculators that are located in the CSA section of the "WEB Guide" and make any feedback about those.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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