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Change of Assessment Report

So what are they going to do about it?

4.8.12 Change of Assessment
Staff and stakeholders continually raised issues relating to the Change of Assessment
(COA) process. They report the process is overly complex, time consuming,
adversarial, does not deliver quality outcomes to customers and is not an effective or
efficient use of staff or customer time. The Program, as part of the Service Delivery
Improvement agenda, has in train a program of reforms aimed at addressing both
legislative and non-legislative COA issues.  

In essence the objectives are to:  
 o make the process less adversarial
o streamline the process reducing timeframes and the effort required by both the
parties and the Program
o implement early identification of customers whose issues can be more
effectively dealt with outside the COA process
o implement an administrative mechanism for making simple decisions
o improve the exchange of information between the parties to only that of
relevance to the decision (including removal of inflammatory information), and
o minimise reverse workflow.

Therefore, expediting the deliverables of the Change of Assessment Project
particularly those elements of an administrative nature such as including a case
management methodology to provide quicker decisions (where appropriate), upfront
decision making and improved upfront customer management diverting customers to
more appropriate options for dealing with their child support assessments/issues
(3.2.50), simplifying the COA form (3.2.51) and improving Notices of Determination
(3.2.52) will deliver immediate benefits in terms of customer service improvements.  
Is the full COA report available online somewhere?
It was a news item Report of the Review of Decision Making and Quality Assurance Processes of the Child Support Program

The report can be downloaded from the news item (4 PDF's)
Both MikeT and I are extremly interested in this area, have contributed extensive amounts of material, and are "External Stakeholders" on the Project Team which is led by David Sippel, Director Change of Assessment (CoA) Reform, CSA.

There are three phases to this work and we will report back in due course.

I will see what we can publish about the status to date. There are a number of topics on the site here about this work. Barry Williams from LFAA is also in the work review. We received a detailed briefing from David at the CSNSEG meeting in Canberra on Tuesday this week and take part in regular telephone conferences relating to this work.

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Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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If they do not change the legislation I believe the only way to deal with the COA process is to give it to a court-like Tribunal and require the applicant and respondent to file an application seeking orders, an affidavit, and a form 13, and run it like a summary judgement hearing with the view of making a quick decision. I don't even want to think how many hours and tax payers $$$ go into the process now with objections, SSAT and Court appeals.
We want to run much of it like the e-tax system. Check the boxes and drop downs and get a result. Phase one of the COA process is well under way and check out the news item posted up today. It is a small but important start.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Of the 75% that were finalised in 35 days - does this include the objections process?
Secretary_SPCA I have a great concern with the figures reported to CSNSEG, considering the figures we were given prior to this. It would appear that the CSA have entered into the domain of Red Dwarf, specifically the backwards episode, and that some sort of process that undoes COA's has come into play.

I believe that before this event we had been given figures (more up-to-date) that more matters had been taken on-board, and more had been finalised, that the % completed within 35 days has reduced by 3%; this reduction over a difference of 8 more finalised is a pretty disturbing trend, that the % withdrawn has increased, again for just 8 more finalised cases a disturbing trend that 2% more are resulting in withdrawn. The % agreed is about the same 19%-20%.

I recently submitted a COA. It has been 2 years since I did the last one and the process seems to have changed considerably. The information required to be provided seems less intrusive and simpler, but the waiting time seems to be a lot longer - does anyone have any information on what has changed? Thanks
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